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Development Life Skills

At Platinum Health Assist, we do not restrict ourselves to simply helping you with yourax daily activities. We also help you build capacities and develop specific life skills that will help you lead an autonomous life.

At Platinum Health Assist we lay emphasis on the development of daily life skills for all our participants and as the foremost NDIS life skill development providers in Melbourne, we focus on training our participants to enable them to take care of their needs by themselves. Life skills development activities for participants include the following:

Our goal at Platinum Health Assist is to provide safe, professional, and friendly services while conducting disability skills development activities for our participants.
We help you or your loved one with various activities, such as personal hygiene, personal care or any other assistance that enhances the quality of your daily life. Additionally, we encourage our participants to build capacity and assist them in developing necessary skills. Our aim here is to ensure that they can lead a more independent lifestyle with minimum disruption.
With this programme, we aim to help participants build confidence and achieve a certain extent of independence in all aspects of their daily life. We help our participants with these activities: