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Participation in Community Activities

One of the ways in which we help our participants is by encouraging them to participate in various social and communal activities.
Platinum Health Assist is your premium NDIS community participation service provider in Melbourne.Increased social and community participation is one of the support categories funded by the “capacity building support” component of your NDIS plan. The purpose of this community participation program is to develop social and community skills among the participants. The funding can be used to cover the costs of participating in various social and community activities.
The purpose of increased social and community involvement is to enable individuals to establish meaningful relationships and build reliable support networks beyond their families and paid support services. Individuals in this support category are empowered to improve their communication skills, foster self-confidence, and overcome barriers they impose on themselves.
We understand the importance of social interactions and how they can positively impact the personal growth and development of an NDIS participant. Hence, under this programme, we encourage participants to connect with their community through various educational, recreational, artistic, social, and other volunteer-based activities.
As your support provider in Melbourne, we encourage you to step out into the world and enhance your life experiences through meaningful conversations and interactions with fellow community members. Some ways in which we help our participants include: