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Assistive Products for Household Tasks

We provide services that allow participants to adopt a more comfortable lifestyle by helping them access the necessary assistive products.
Each disabled individual has their own needs, demands and requirements, and we at Platinum Health Assist are your trusted NDIS household assistance providers in Melbourne. We are aware of all the struggles that most of our participants undergo on a daily basis while performing simple everyday tasks, and we provide the best team of supporters to aid you in all your daily household needs. Our team comprises compassionate and experienced professionals who aim to assist you in every manner possible.
From wiping appliances and tabletops to vacuuming, dusting furniture, floor sweeping, ironing, laundry services, changing linen and many other household activities, our team of NDIS service providers aid you in becoming more independent and able to do these tasks yourself. In order to get the most out of our services and NDIS support guidelines, register with Platinum Health Assist now.
At Platinum Health Assist, our mission is to assist our participants in effectively carrying out their daily tasks at home, with or without assistance. The reason for doing so is to help them build their confidence and enable them to lead a more autonomous life on their own terms.
Depending on your primary needs and requirements, we will help you acquire assistive products that will help you carry out your household tasks seamlessly and with ease. Listed below are some of the assistive products we help our participants acquire: