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Assist – Life Stage, Transition

We are focused on helping NDIS participants enhance the quality of their life and help them transition between the different stages in their NDIS journey smoothly and with minimal disruptions.

Platinum Health Assist provides every person with a program which includes long and short term support services. As Melbourne’s foremost NDIS life stage transition service provider, we focus on community participation and help you access your own support. This program includes:

Our NDIS life stage transition service in Melbourne has helped improve the lives of many participants.
We offer several long and short-term services to NDIS participants. These services will assist them in coordinating and managing the changes in their lives as they transition from one stage in their journey to another.
Listed below are some life-stage transition assistance that we offer NDIS participants:
We understand that these transitions are life-changing, and moving from one phase of life to another, can be very stressful, especially for someone with a disability. Hence, to make these transitions smoother for our NDIS participants, we offer the following services: