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Make way for a smooth and empowering NDIS journey with our team at Platinum Health Assist. We are a trusted NDIS provider in Taylor Lakes and a team dedicated to the overall growth and well-being of all NDIS participants.

Taylors Lakes' Preferred NDIS Provider

When you begin your search for an NDIS provider in Taylors Lakes, you will come across not one, but plenty of options and finding the best one from the lot can be tough. But certain factors narrow down the selection and help you find the one with whom you can kickstart your NDIS journey the right way.
At Platinum Health Assist, we stand tall on all these grounds and deliver tailored support via the hands of an experienced team. We understand how far disability services can go to help prioritise your safety and lead an autonomous life. That’s why we do our best to deliver disability support services in Taylors Lakes that best cater to your needs. Once you choose us as your NDIS provider, we will work round the clock and ensure all your needs are timely met. Our goal is to not just cater to your everyday needs but become your catalyst for growth. We will be your support system and ensure access to all the support services and assistive technologies you need to fulfil your short and long-term goals.

NDIS Services We Offer in Taylors Lakes

Assistance in Accessing /Maintaining Employ

Under this support service, our service providers will help you find and keep a job or assist...

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Assist - Life Stage, Transition

We are focused on helping NDIS participants enhance the quality of their life and help them transition...

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Assist - Personal Activities

Under this support service, we will assist you in completing all your personal activities and household tasks...

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Assist - Travel/

As your NDIS service provider, we are committed to ensuring that your lack of mobility never hinders your personal...

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Assistive Products for Household Tasks

We provide services that allow participants to adopt a more comfortable lifestyle by helping...

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Daily Task/ Shared Living

We help our participants thrive and grow in a shared living environment (long-term or short-term) by ensuring...

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What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an initiative of the Australian government to provide financial aid to people with disabilities. Valid across Australia, this scheme funds several support services that target the participants’ overall safety, growth and well-being. There are certain eligibility requirements for the NDIS.
Once you prove your eligibility for the scheme, next comes securing the right disability support. That’s where we come into the picture. We will be your caregivers and support system and make sure you avail of all the required or desired support and make the best use of your NDIS funds. We have adopted the values and goals of NDIS as our own and deliver NDIS disability services in Taylors Lakes that will make a positive difference in your life. So, connect with us and start your NDIS journey with a reliable and experienced team.

NDIS & Disability Support Services Provider in Taylors Lakes

If you are looking for a NDIS provider in Taylors Lakes, look no further than our team at Platinum Health Assist. With respect, equality, dignity, accountability and inclusivity at the heart of our services, we ensure our disability services cater to your needs while respecting your choices. We will ensure you exercise choice and control and lead an autonomous life. Our NDIS disability services in Taylors Lakes will never limit your agency; we will always provide the support you need to lead life on your terms. We will work with you to identify your needs and develop and implement a plan that best caters to them. At Platinum Health Assist, we adapt to the participants’ changing needs. We will modify our services to meet your evolving needs and ensure you are always satisfied with our services.
So, if you have been surfing the web with the question – “the best NDIS provider near me”, connect with us today. Learn more about our disability support services in Taylors Lakes and see how we can help. Also, if you have any queries about NDIS or our services, contact us at 0423 208 052 or

Why Choose Us as Your NDIS Service Provider in Taylors Lakes

We offer holistic care and support for NDIS participants.
Our support workers work round-the-clock to ensure uninterrupted support and services.
We understand all aspects of the NDIS & help you make the most of your plan.
All our services are highly tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.
Our experts carefully listen to your needs, assess the circumstances and propose end-to-end solutions.
Your safety and comfort are our top priority; hence we have an efficient system in place to assist you in achieving your goals.
We will work alongside you and assist you in achieving all your long and short-term goals.


Yes, NDIA provides the participants with complete control over their NDIS plan. So, depending on your needs and preferences you can connect with any NDIS Provider in Taylors Lakes and have them deliver the needful services. You can simply search for “NDIS provider near me” on the web and go with the provider who best suits your needs and preferences.
To apply for NDIS funding in Taylors Lakes:
  • Check if you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Gather all the supporting documents.
  • Connect with NDIA and fill out the access request form.
  • Wait for the decision and if found eligible, prepare for the planning meeting.
NDIS has certain eligibility requirements and if you fulfil them all, you are eligible for the scheme. This includes:
  • You must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or have a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • You must be between 7 and 65 years of age when applying for the scheme.
  • Have a permanent or significant disability which hinders your ability to undertake everyday tasks on your own.
Yes, you can always switch providers if you find the services of your current provider unsatisfactory. You just need to inform the NDIA regarding the same and follow their instructions.
While NDIS covers a wide range of disabilities, there are certain medical conditions that might not be eligible, such as acute medical conditions with short-term impact, those primarily managed by the health system, or those not meeting the NDIS disability and functional impact criteria.

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