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Experience peace of mind with Platinum Health Assist. We are the best NDIS service providers in Tarneit with highly trained professionals.

Tarneit's Preferred NDIS Provider

Platinum Health Assist is preferred NDIS provider Tarneit, as we have a team of highly trained experts who care for your needs and concerns and go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best services under the NDIS provisions. We take a personalised approach to meeting your unique needs and see to it that you enjoy a life of safety and security under our care. We are an organisation comprising compassionate and certified service providers who make it their goal to keep you as comfortable as possible and we are always available to address your concerns. As Tarneit’s most trusted NDIS providers, we also advise you on your options as per your issue so as to get the most out of the provisions under the NDIS Scheme.

At Platinum Health Assist, not only do we provide primary care services but also a range of personal care, community group service and complex care services. In addition, we are always available for emergency requirements at all times and take every concern seriously. We understand that living with a disability robs you of many opportunities in life. Still, we bridge the gap between you and your dreams and aspirations by providing you with all the necessary help you need.
As a provider of NDIS services in Tarneit, we have access to every solution for your individual needs, and we match you with the best funding provision as well. Our team is highly sensitive to your concerns and acts in a compassionate and caring manner while helping you achieve your goals. Contact Platinum Health Assist today for personalised care and the best services.

NDIS Services We Offer in Tarneit

Assistance in Accessing /Maintaining Employ

Under this support service, our service providers will help you find and keep a job or assist...

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Assist - Life Stage, Transition

We are focused on helping NDIS participants enhance the quality of their life and help them transition...

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Assist - Personal Activities

Under this support service, we will assist you in completing all your personal activities and household tasks...

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Assist - Travel/

As your NDIS service provider, we are committed to ensuring that your lack of mobility never hinders your personal...

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Assistive Products for Household Tasks

We provide services that allow participants to adopt a more comfortable lifestyle by helping...

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Daily Task/ Shared Living

We help our participants thrive and grow in a shared living environment (long-term or short-term) by ensuring...

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What is the National Disability Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a program undertaken by the government of Australia to provide essential and complex services to all individuals who suffer from a disability. It provides and outlines a range of services to equip disabled people with all the support they need to live a fulfilling and comfortable life. The main goal is to enhance the lives of all individuals under the Scheme so that they are able to realise their potential and achieve their goals and aspirations under the care of certified service providers. The NDIS Scheme is specifically designed to cater to the needs of all persons between the ages of 7 and 65 and ensure that they are well taken care of.
The Scheme lists down all the states and territories wherein the NDIS services can be applied, and it also provides eligibility criteria for being able to utilise the services under this Scheme. This Scheme helps include every individual in Australia within its booming economy so as to be able to utilise the potential of every person willing to contribute to its growth without any hindrance of a disability preventing them from realising their dreams. It provides solutions for most disabilities as long as it is permanent in nature and hampers people from performing even basic tasks on their own.
The NDIS also provides assistance to the families and friends of persons suffering from a disability and is one of the most inclusive Schemes for helping people with disabilities feel a part of the community. It encourages participation and emboldens them to achieve their own goals and aspirations in life.
We at Platinum Health Assist are a NDIS service provider, and we ensure that you get all the benefits provided under the Scheme as long as you fall within the eligibility criteria for the same. Contact us now by reaching out to us on our website.

NDIS & Disability Support Service Tarneit

We at Platinum Health Assist are your NDIS and Disability Support Services Tarneit. We have the necessary license to be able to use the provisions under this Scheme to cater to your personal needs and demands. We also provide a holistic approach when it comes to delivering these services by ensuring that we create an inclusive and friendly environment where you feel comfortable while accessing services which will enrich your life. We help you scour through the complicated provisions of this Scheme so that all you need to worry about is using the most appropriate funding plan and service according to your needs and achieving the most from the same. With our team of well-trained and experienced workers, you can be assured of getting the best services here in Tarneit.
We also understand that not everyone has the exact needs and demands, and we tailor our services according to each person in a way that benefits them the most. We are your one-stop solution for all services under the NDIS Scheme and ensure that your priorities are as important to us as they are to you. We are also trained for all kinds of emergency needs as and when required and are available at all times to provide you with any help necessary. We help you achieve not only your personal goals but also your financial and professional goals. Get in touch with our team now to get the most sought-after services under the NDIS Scheme.

Why Choose Us as Your NDIS Service Provider in Tarneit

We offer holistic care and support for NDIS participants.
Our support workers work round-the-clock to ensure uninterrupted support and services.
We understand all aspects of the NDIS & help you make the most of your plan.
All our services are highly tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.
Our experts carefully listen to your needs, assess the circumstances and propose end-to-end solutions.
Your safety and comfort are our top priority; hence we have an efficient system in place to assist you in achieving your goals.
We will work alongside you and assist you in achieving all your long and short-term goals.


Yes. You can easily choose your service provider by going through your options in Tarneit and even changing it if you are displeased with the services provided.
Under the “Am I Eligible” portal on the NDIS website, applicants can apply for funding under the program. You can complete the access request form on the NDIS website and make a verbal application if you are eligible.
Yes. We are available at all times and for every kind of need for your assistance.
According to the NDIS, you must fall under the following categories to be eligible for the Scheme:
  1. You have a permanent disability caused by some impairment.
  2. Because of your impairment, you must be unable to communicate, socialise, learn, work, care for yourself, and meet other basic needs.
  3. NDIS support will be necessary throughout your life.
  4. You must be between the ages of 7 and 65.
  5. You must be an Australian citizen or hold a special visa.
Yes. If you are dissatisfied with the service provider, you can apply for a change in the following manner:
  • Go through your service agreement: This agreement provides you with all the information regarding your services with your service provider, and if you are unhappy with the same, you can end this contract.
  • End the Contract: Once you have decided that you are not happy with your service provider, you can easily terminate this contract by going to your MYPlace portal and ending the same.
  • Apply for a new service provider: By looking through the NDIS service provider list, you can easily find a new provider after terminating your contract with your current one.
The NDIS does not fund the following services:
  • Medications for general use
  • Treatment and services related to dentistry
  • Hospital care and specialist services
  • Rehabilitation and surgery
  • Mental health clinical care
  • Services related to palliative care, geriatrics, and psychogeriatrics.

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