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Specialised Support Employment

Finding and retaining suitable employment can go a long way in ensuring the financial independence of NDIS participants.
At Platinum Health Assist, we provide you with the necessary NDIS employment support services in Melbourne. We believe that everyone, regardless of any disability, should be able to secure and sustain a job for their well-being and financial independence. We provide all NDIS participants with an opportunity to secure a job and develop a group of friends to build a sense of belonging and have a goal to look forward to every day. We provide all these services in a supportive and secure environment.

If you are an NDIS participant seeking employment opportunities, look no further than Platinum Health Assist for all your goals. We can guide you through our program, and our services include the following:

Securing employment is an essential part of gaining independence. It provides you with a source of income and helps you learn valuable skills and lessons. Many participants who enlist finding or retaining employment as a goal on their NDIS plan might need some specialised support beyond their employer’s purview.
Some ways in which we help our participants under this programme are listed here: